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This interactive map assists you finding out what Covid-19 restrictions that applies.

Safeture, SPHERE’s technical partners, have launched this service to help people, companies and organisations to open up for business again, providing reliable information to help make the right decisions. The content is constantly monitored and updated by the Safeture analyst team.

The map includes information about area lockdowns, quarantine measures, flight restrictions, school closures and links to more information. The information is updated every day and additional features and functions will be added.

Use the interactive map to zoom in to the country or state you are interested in. Click on the numbered circle to get detailed information.

Read below to find out how we can help your organisation:

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

The COVID-19 Risk Assessment is an necessary adaptation of our existing Risk Assessment format, this employs a five-tiered methodology and will provide a general and location specific overview ensuring that organisations planning on authorising travel amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak are fully informed of the current situation. It will enable you to meet your duty of care obligations under your existing travel policy.

For enquires about this service please contact info@spheretravelrisk.com

Exposure Tracker

COVID-19 – real-time and historic identification of employee exposure. If you are dealing with contingency planning for COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges is identifying which employees are travelling to, or through, impacted areas with a view to containing the virus and to prevent it’s further spread.

Our technical partners Safeture have managed to address this challenge. Safeture are offering any company, organisation or authority regardless of size, free access to the Safeture software platform for an initial 40-day period. Safeture can import trip data from travel agencies whilst also getting real time location data from mobile phones to be analyzed against real-time updates of the virus’s location. This is especially important for large international companies, who carry an extra high exposure risk.

Please contact for further information and to get your company and employees set up on the platform. All employees will also be offered use of the app to get real time alerts and notifications. Visit www.safeture.com/corona for additional details.

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Additional Information 

As the situation evolves so does the information and advice available so please keep checking the World Health Organization and other reputable websites.

For up to date Global Alerts and other services we can provide please contact info@spheretravelrisk.com